Ideal for external areas such as Door Openings, Windows, and Patios
Lockhart Alfresco Aluminium Shutters are streamlined and strong, a marriage of form and function. Designed for internal and external applications, Alltone aluminium shutter proportions are based upon top of the range timber shutters.
Whitsunday Aluminum Shutters: The Perfect Combination of Style and Durability
These shutters are designed with the perfect balance of form and function in mind, and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Based on the top-rated timber shutters, the proportions of Whitsunday Aluminium shutters are both sleek and robust.
See Specifications
See Specifications
Other Products
Housed in a soft ergonomic bag which will be welcome in any home and is an exciting addition to our sampling and will include on request training. Designed to assist our valuable retail partners to sell shutters with confidence.
Display Stand - Hinged / Fixed
The Alltone Spinning display is the perfect way to display multiple products at once with minimal floor space. Multi faceted so that with a spin it can show different products from our range. With your choice of materials, colours, frames and installation methods the possibilities to customise your display are vast.
Display Stand - Sliding / Bi-Fold
Our latest display option showcases our Sliding and Bi-fold options with a small foot print in your showroom. This sleek and elegant display option is compact, easy to store and simple to manoeuvre due to its slim design and wheel mounts.
Alltone offers the luxury timesaving option of shutter motorisation. This option is also an ideal unobtrusive solution for hard to reach shutters, and eliminates the need for "telescopic pole" operation. The motor unit retro fits into the back of the shutter stile, and the control mechanism clips onto a blade. Each remote control can operate up to 15 motors and each motor is powered by four AA batteries.
Extendable Pole
Our telescopic poles are the perfect tool for hard to reach windows. The poles extend to just under 2 meters and have shaped rubber ends designed to get in between the louvers for ease of control without causing damage to your beautiful shutters.
Temporary Blinds

Our temporary paper blinds are an easy to fit option for customers wanting window coverings while waiting for their shutters. They are a quick fix budget pleated paper solution that look great while offering privacy and style.Simple to install with an adhesive fixing, they can be cut to size and fitted without tools.

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